Monday, August 30, 2010

Kurowski Family Portrait

It was my pleasure to photograph this beautiful family.  They were so sweet and so excited for their pictures to be taken....well maybe dad wasn't so excited :)but he took one for the team!  I got hugs and kisses (from the kids of course) and smiles beyond belief!!  Although, as I look back upon these images the oldest, Mr. Kaden, seemed to not at all enjoy the images where he shared the spotlight...he loved the camera once he was alone :) It was really hard choosing images from this session but here are a few of my favorites! Enjoy...

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I love Kalei's expression it's like she is saying "Umm.....excuse me bro...I crawl, YOU WALK!"

Love Kaden's face!

This makes me want to sing..."Pearly Shells" 


This might be one of my favorites :)

Too cute! It was fun spending the afternoon with you all!   


  1. Perfection, as always! And could that family be any.more.gorgeous??!

  2. Love love love! Thank you so much!!

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