Monday, May 24, 2010

Isle of Inspiration

It's amazing to me sometimes that such natural beauty still exists! I feel so lucky in my life to have spent my days in such beautiful places. To have grown up in one of the most competition rich cities full of culture and inspiration, to have been able to travel to some of the most astounding landscapes and now to have my abode in one of the worlds most beautiful islands.  In a modern world so polluted with greed, man-made toxins and structures, to me I find peace and inspiration amongst nature, its silence, its colors and its beauty.

Friday, May 21, 2010

My Nephews!!

These two handsome boys were the first Schmidt grandkids!  My how time flies and how they have grown.  These guys had me laughing the whole time photographing them, from the funny faces, silly poses and wrestling matches we had a ball till the sun set! They didn't hold anything back!!  That's what is fun about photographing family :) Noah, the handsome older one, was out for his modeling debut and having a ball posing for the camera...he liked this so much I think he may have a promising career in modeling...when he becomes a famous tennis player, I better have the honor to photograph him for a magazine :)  Christian, was fun loving and silly, with his striking blue eyes he's bound to win the hearts of many.  There is nothing like family to make your heart happy and your smile bright!  Family inspires me!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Natures Condos

My daughter and I were hiking out by our property one afternoon when she stopped and stared at the formation of mushrooms along a log. "MOM, LOOK!  It's a hotel for fairies!"  Her imagination and innocence inspires me daily!

Baby Hendricks

This little guy came into this world on the day his mom and I had a maternity session scheduled.  That's right!  Little Hendricks wanted to have the camera all to himself!  Welcome to this beautiful world Hendricks!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Richard & Crystal

What can I say...these two are awesome!  I had the honor of working with these two at Kalaheo Elementary School where I taught part time with Crystal and Richard.  It was so fun to reunite with these guys after almost a year.  We had some laughs and got those pre-wedding picture jitters out of the way.   I was so excited when Crystal called me up to tell me the news of her engagement to Richard and when she asked if I could photograph her wedding I was thrilled and honored. Crystal has always been a big supporter of my photography, I have her to thank for always giving me so much support and encouragement.  It's an honor to be able to now photograph her wedding :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Baby Love

Meet Baby Hili!  She was such a pleasure to photograph, so happy and smiley and then in an instant out like a light!  Gotta love this stage...gotta love all the stages of life!  Being able to capture our favorite stages of our growing children in a photograph makes my heart smile.  The teacher in me loves giving and learning new things ever day and it makes my day when I  can share and capture this beauty for my clients. This might sound cheesy but it is so true...I love that I can give to you a moment captured in time!!